Typically £60 per person

Can I come out to play?  - Working with creative play

Fun stuff with feelings  - Working with creative art

Chicken and the Egg  - Working with Imagery and Metaphors

The Therapeutic Benefits of Journal Writing

How Vulnerable am I?  - Working with Vulnerable Adults

Exploring when to Refer  - Safeguarding children

Before You Blow a 'Gasket'  - Stress Strategies 

Storm in a Teacup?  - Conflict resolution

How Do I Reach You?  - Appropriate Communication Skills

Alienating Others  - A look at anger management

Combating Insecurities  - Confidence Building for All

Could I, Should I, Would I  - Dealing with Depression 

Who's Driving Who?   - Be Your Own Life Coach

Meeting My Needs  - Focusing on Assertiveness

Whose Job is it Anyway  - The Art of Delegation

Dealing with Critical Illness

Everybody's Problem  - Domestic abuse

Yours or Mine?   - Exploring Sexuality

PTSD what is it?  - Trauma and it's Aftermath

Who is it Hurting?  - Exploring Self Harm

Does It Make You Blush?  - Importance of Sexual Language

Responding to Rape  - Exploring the Aftermath

Grief - "is there a time limit?"  - Understanding Bereavement

Everybody Hurts  - Recognising Children's Grief

Knowing Me, Knowing You  - Understanding Relationships

The Heart of Healing  - Working with Forgiveness

Yours or Mine?  - Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

Who is in the Mirror?  - Exploring Personalities

Light at the End of the Tunnel  - The Aftermath of Redundancy

How to Say "No"and Mean It

Clearing the Cobwebs of Confusion  - De-clutter Your Life

I'll Do It Later  - Manage your Time More Effectively
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